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Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is rehearsing a future you do not wish to happen, whilst underestimating your ability to cope with the situation.


Most anxiety comes from a fear of not being ‘good enough’ or not ‘feeling safe’.  It has massive physical implications on our body. It decreases blood flow to our brain and other organs. It even suppresses our immune system.

Anxiety can be a daily battle; it can spread into so many areas of your life - leaving you feeling frightened and exhausted. You may experience a racing heart, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts or fear. You may be struggling to wind down and sleep at night. You may also be withdrawing from the things you love.

Anxiety steals your confidence and

makes you doubt yourself.

Worried child in need of Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support Norwich

If you’re experiencing anxiety, you will know all too well how much it tries to ruin

your life experiences.

The living in fear and being in fight or flight mode a lot of the time, can have a big  impact on your wellbeing - pushing your mental and physical health to the limits.

How would you like to be free of the thoughts that cause those awful feelings - the ones that stop you from living a wholehearted life?

A Woman Looking out of a swimming pool supported by Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support Norwich

How would you like to be the creator of your thoughts, rather than the victim of them?

Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support Norwich

With a combination of different therapies in each session, I have put together a wonderful mind recipe that really helps to shift that old fear or belief that holds you back.

When you have the tools to transform your thoughts and feelings, you are free to be your...






You have so much to gain by making the change you wish to see.

If you would like to learn more about how Overcome Anxiety sessions with

Wholehearted Happiness could work for you, please...

Success story...

I went to Kirsty for anxiety problems. I had a lot of breathless feelings, constant yawning, some mornings I was so anxious I didn't want to get out of bed. My heart would race and I would dread the day and feel exhausted with this problem.


After having 3 sessions with Kirsty, I can honestly say that I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't say how, or why it works, it just does. I feel amazing, I would highly recommend her. I am looking forward to a life with laughter and happiness, enjoying my children.


Thank you so much for making this happen Kirsty.

Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support Norwich
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