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Overcome Phobias

Did you know you are born with only two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noise. All the rest is learned so that means you could be free of it with the right therapy. Having a phobia can be really debilitating. It can have a huge impact on your life. It can stop you from doing many things and cause great fear and anxiety. You may find yourself planning, every eventuality to try and prepare for a day avoiding the fear.

Causes of phobias can be from a trauma you’ve experienced. They can also be from learnt behaviour with many people picking up the same phobia that a parent might have. You may have developed a phobia by going through a really stressful time. Whatever your phobia is and however long you’ve had can be free of it.

A list of the top 10 phobias:

1. Public speaking

2. Heights

3. Insects

4. Not being good enough and being judged

5. Deep Water

6. Sickness, getting ill and going to hospital or dentist

7. Death, being alone and in pain

8. Flying

9. Being rejected

10. Dogs

You may find yourself avoiding certain places or cancelling plans for fear of being triggered. You may feel silly or embarrassed at how out of control the phobia has gotten. Many people I have worked with have felt that they have become very controlling of situations. If they control what happens, they can avoid the phobia.

For example, if you have a phobia of being sick, you may well control people around you by getting them to over-wash their hands. You may control where you and your friend’s / family go for a meal. You might be the only one to cook at home for fear of things not being clean enough or things need to be done in a certain way for you to feel calm. You may also notice yourself being on high alert if you are out of your safety bubble and someone else is cooking for you. You might feel triggered if you hear that a work colleague has a stomach bug.

Having a phobia can really increase levels of anxiety. Some people may also develop obsessive rituals and behaviours that they feel help to calm their anxiety.

People can become phobic of anything - even thoughts. It is a trigger that has become patterned matched to an anxiety response.

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Help is at hand. I have successfully helped clients cure their phobias, even the most powerful ones that they have had for years - some that clients never ever could dream of being free from.

No matter how scared you feel, I know I can take it away. I have dealt with many different phobias, from the common spiders, snakes, and needles, to being sick, buttons, fish and driving.


The time is now for you to feel completely free from your phobias and to live a fuller, enriched life without fear.

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Wholehearted Happiness could work for you, please...

Success story...

I went to see Kirsty because I had a massive phobia of insects - especially daddy-longlegs. It was so extreme that I had fallen down the stairs and ran out into the road to get away from them. It controlled my life, I did not go out in the summer at all unless it was urgent. I hated living like that. I had to rely on other people to take my child to the park to play because I physically couldn't.

I had just one session with Kirsty and it changed my life. I go out all the time and when I first saw a daddy- longlegs after the session it was so weird as I felt nothing, just calmness and so happy to be out in the sunshine with my little boy.


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