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Hypnosis is a positive trance-like state. We enter into trance states every day. It can be when we are listening to music or watching TV. By the power of our imagination, we can take ourselves into a negative trance state through daydreaming about a future event or worrying about something that may happen and we play out lots of different scenarios which can lead us to feelings of anxiety and dread. The more we do this, the more difficult it feels to see the good things in life.

All trance states involve accessing the REM state (Rapid Eye Movement). We go into the REM state just before we go to sleep, this is when dreaming occurs and behavioural patterns are laid down. By working with the REM state, you can lay down new patterns of behaviour so that you can rid yourself of phobias, anxiety or negative thinking and behaviours.

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You might be giving yourself a hard time and thinking, "Why can't I just stop doing it?". The reason is that we lay down instincts and these are mostly driven by unconscious processes. So, by going into REM, we are dealing with the unconscious mind to create the desired change.

Hypnosis is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience during which you will feel safe and calm. With practice it trains the brain to think in a way that makes your life much easier and calmer. You will find yourself able to pause before you react and chose what you really want to do or say. You will also find yourself thinking more optimistically.

Life feels so much easier when you are working with yourself instead of against yourself.

I will hypnotically take you to a place where you can sit and marinade in your desired preferred future, so it will feel easier for you to put into practice as your mind has already believed it's possible. It’s already been there under hypnosis so it’s easy for you to access.

An example of a positive hypnotic trace state is when a musician, or athlete, will rehearse their performance by visualising being in the 'flow' when playing - their focus of attention is narrowed, and this is an easy way to improve and increase muscle memory. This can be done by simply sitting in a chair and using your mind. This has been scientifically proven to work. Many professional sports people do this.

Our brains are truly exceptional. A recent study shows that when a group of people sat and visualised doing weight training for a few months, their muscle mass increased by up to 13%. How amazing is that! We are only beginning to understand how powerful our mind really is.

I believe that your potential is limitless with the right guidance.

If you would like to learn more about how hypnotherapy could work for you, please...

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