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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Sometimes your mind can feel so busy and cluttered by all of the emotional stuff that has happened over the years, we keep hold of it and play it over and over in our minds. It can then change the way we feel about ourselves and even change our behaviour.

EFT (tapping) is when you use your fingertips to tap or apply light pressure on the meridian lines of Chinese medicine. We use the ones primarily on the head, face and hands.

By tapping on certain points of the body and talking about the problem or behaviour, it can bring comfort and peace instead of anxiety or pain.

EFT can be a fast and very effective way to clear trauma and old self-limiting patterns. EFT can shift the energy of the emotion that maybe holding you back from your full potential.

EFT is simple and easy to use in everyday life. It is a great and effective way to calm down the nervous system, and help you feel calmer. 


EFT is also effective for reducing pain and can even reduce cravings related to addictions. Many people use EFT to aid with weight loss or dealing with everyday nerves or worry.

It is a powerful tool to have. It can really help with your own self-healing. It feels so good to have something with you, to use to help you feel more confident when dealing with difficult situations or daily stresses.

It is always a good idea to seek an EFT practitioner when dealing with the bigger things. When something feels too big for you to do alone, an EFT practitioner will hold space for you and keep you feeling calm and relaxed whilst going through any challenging times.

EFT can help with many things. It is more commonly used for:


grief & loss




craving & weight loss

worries & stress

There are many benefits to EFT:

EFT lowers cortisol (the stress chemical)

it can improve your immune system

EFT can reduce pain

it can reduce anxiety and depression

EFT can reduce anxiety and depression

it helps you to feel lighter and happier

EFT is a great way to clear the emotional clutter

A session of EFT with Wholehearted Happiness is like having a good de-clutter of the mind. You will feel lighter and your mind will feel clearer. It also has a lovely effect on the body too. When someone might say I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, that’s emotion. Clear the emotion and that then helps clear the feeling in the body. EFT is a great way to release tension in the body.

By doing this work with EFT, you reduce the stress in the body which could be causing ill health or disease. We are much more aware now of the link between diseases and stress.

If you reduce the stress within the body, you can feel a whole lot better, both

physically and  mentally.

We are only just beginning to realise the strong connection between the mind and body. What we think...can really create what we feel.

If you would like to learn more about how EFT could work for you, please...

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