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Online Courses

To support a wider community, I also offer online courses to educate and support you with your own, or your child’s mental health. The more we know about how the mind works, the easier it is to make great changes.


These online courses are jammed packed full of hypnosis and calming and soothing techniques, such as: how to build confidence and resilience, recognising  signs and symptoms, and much much more.

Parent & Child Anxiety Toolkit

I have put together an online course to give you as much information as possible to better equip you as a parent or caregiver to deal with anxiety. I really do understand that being a parent is the most rewarding thing in the world, but it can also be one of the hardest things in the world when you, or they are struggling.

I want to give you all my knowledge, all the things that work and some lovely tools for you as a family to have to be able to navigate through this period. I believe that everything is changeable when you know how.

This course is packed with 27 videos that offer advice and techniques to help you and your child deal with anxiety. Including:

  • Confidence building

  • Calming techniques

  • How to deal with panic attacks

  • Kindness Vs Fear

  • Recipes to stabilise blood sugar levels

  • The use of positive language 

  • How to deal with those intrusive thoughts and feelings

  • How to manage your state when they are anxious

  • Hypnosis for you and them

  • Meditation resources

  • And so so much more

I'm so excited to be sharing my 12 years of knowledge with you.

Price: a one-time purchase of £50

Please watch the Introduction film from the course for FREE

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Wholehearted Happiness Recipe Book

My new recipe book is available for free as part of the Parent & Child Anxiety Toolkit, but it can also be purchased separately if you prefer for just £5.


Contains 29 recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to help you feel mentally balanced and physically energised.

Wholehearted Happiness recipe book

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