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Child Mental Health

Are you worried about your child’s mental health? Are they experiencing anxiety or depression?

As a parent, it can be extremely difficult to see your child struggling. It can feel very isolating. It can be difficult to know what the best way is to support your child.

Waiting to be seen through the NHS can take many months and in some cases years.

Family at home supported by Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support
Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support

I have put together an online course called the Parent & Child Anxiety Toolkit, to give you as much information as possible to better equip you as a parent or caregiver. I really do understand that being a parent is the most rewarding thing in the world, but it can also be one of the hardest things in the world when they are struggling.

I want to give you all my knowledge, all the things that work, and some lovely tools for you as a family to have to be able to navigate through this period. I believe that everything is changeable when you know how.

Family time supported by Wholehearted Happiness anxiety & depression support

I work with parents and children to support you all as a family to help you be able to deal with what is happening.

I can teach you about the signs and symptoms. I can give you strategies to help you best support your child through this difficult time.

I will teach your child tried and tested relaxation techniques so that they can feel they can soothe themselves. Most importantly, I will help your child to build their self-esteem and confidence within themselves. So that they feel stronger and happier to be able to deal with life in general.

If your child has experienced trauma, we can work through that in a calm and therapeutic way. So that they can be free of the anxiety and worry it causes.

If you would like to learn more about how the online course: Parent & Child Anxiety Toolkit could work for you, please click the link below. 

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