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Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

Solution-focused psychotherapy helps you to discover the inner resources you already have and identify your strengths. This helps you to feel confident in the person you are, therefore it becomes easier to realise what your true potential is.

When we sit together and work through your goals and dreams we break them down into achievable bite-size chunks. Solution-focused psychotherapy is all about success psychology. Working with what you have and motivating yourself internally to believe that your dreams and goals are absolutely possible. With dedication and passion, you can begin to feel excited about your future and the endless possibilities.

Happy Teens enjoying solution-focused psychotherapy at Wholehearted Happiness

When your confidence in yourself grows, your dreams then become reality.
I help my clients let go of imposter syndrome and help them to focus and remember all the great things they have already done in their lives. This then motivates them towards their goals.
Many people I work with find themselves procrastinating. This is usually because of a fear of failure or a fear of not being good enough. Once we burst through that negative belief, we clear the path to success.

Learning how to change the inner dialogue inside your head to one that spurs you on is a real game changer. I am so lucky that I get to see my clients go for that promotion, dare to put themselves out there to date again, change careers, and start over again.

Why wait until you've had a health scare to change your life?

A happy man enjoying solution-focused psychotherapy at Wholehearted Happiness
Wholehearted Happiness

Stress is one of the main causes of disease. So let's make the change now. I will support you through it - helping you with every step.

I get to see my clients thriving and feeling happy and so free of all the old stuff that used to hold them back.

When you have the tools you will notice just how incredibly different your life can be.

When you stop learning to play the old programme in your mind and start playing the one you really want, you will notice such ease and peace in your mind.

It's so exciting to witness.

Wholehearted Happiness

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