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The Wholehearted Happiness Approach

Using a combination of hypnosis, solution-focused psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting, and NLP you can learn how to live a limitless life. There really are no limits to what you are capable of.


As you learn and grow, you will see your true potential. Once you let go of those self-imposing limiting beliefs, your life transforms beyond your wildest dreams.


This then has a ripple effect on your whole family. Especially if you have children in the household. 

Your path to happiness...




Matrix Reimprinting

Fog and Nature

Emotional Freedom Technique


Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

We start the Wholehearted Happiness approach by having a phone call to see how I can best help you. Then we have an initial 90 minute consultation to discuss what your expectations and goals are for therapy and your future.

I then will make a tailor-made programme just for you, so that we can work through your goals and get you feeling a whole lot better.

We discuss your hopes and dreams. I will look at the whole of your life and help you to improve many areas. Making small changes in lots of areas of your life can make a huge difference.

Happy Couple

If you would like me to work with your child, the programme will include sessions for parents too. So, I can best support you all as a family. This way you get the best results.

Some typical goals for my clients might be:

I want to let go of a past trauma/s

I want to be able to relax

I want to feel more confident

I want to stop feeling so scared and anxious

I want to be free of feeling depressed

I want to get my mojo back and have some direction

I want to help my child feel less anxious

The changes I get to see within my clients are so wonderful.


If you are questioning going to therapy then please give me a call. We can have a chat and I can help you put your mind at rest.


Believe me when I say it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. You don’t have to just put up with feeling anxious or depressed.

Do this for yourself.

 Make the change. 

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Your wellbeing and mental health is so important.

We are here to live wholeheartly, a life that is full of freedom and happiness.

Contact Me

I'm only ever a message away. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss anything that you have read about on this website. 

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