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Happy Family


I have worked with some incredible people over the years.


Here is a selection of some of their very kind words. 

I went to Kirsty for anxiety problems. I had a lot of breathless feelings, constant yawning, some mornings I was so anxious I didn't want to get out of bed. My heart would race and I would dread the day and feel exhausted with this problem. After having 3 sessions with Kirsty, I can honestly say I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't say how, or why it works, it just does. I feel amazing, I would highly recommend her. I am looking forward to a life with laughter and happiness, enjoying my children.
Thank you so much for making this happen Kirsty.


When I first met Kirsty I was in a vulnerable place and found daily living rather difficult. Through her person-centred approach, I felt heard and understood by her which made me like her straight away. We dove into heavy topics and memories which was daunting to begin with, however, through the different techniques she used, I was able to navigate through them feeling completely safe and cared for. Kirsty is an extremely warm and kind-natured person who I feel goes the extra mile for her clients. Life since working with Kirsty has improved tremendously and I’m truly grateful for all that she has done for me 🙏🏻 
I would rate her service 5 ⭐️


I have attended a programme of psychotherapy with Kirsty over the last 6 Months to support my recovery from a stroke earlier in the year. 

The journey has been amazing, from my skeptical starting point through a journey of discovery about myself and coping with the impact of others on my mental well-being. I have learned through a series of hypnosis, breathing exercises, and in-depth discussions to understand and develop a number of strategies to initially help me cope, to a real belief and value in myself. Thank you, Kirsty, you are incredible.


I'm delighted to share my positive experience with Kirsty. Her welcoming demeanor and attentive listening created a supportive environment. Kirsty helped me discover the importance of slowing down, finding calm, and taking life one step at a time. Working together, she tailored solutions to suit my needs. I highly recommend Kirsty for anyone seeking a compassionate and effective therapist.


When I first came to Kirsty, I’d never spoken to anyone about my personal life.

When I started I was apprehensive, but she immediately put me at ease.  She does not sit there and tell you how you should feel, live, or think. She is simply the mirror you need to look into, to see yourself for who you are. She allows you to step back from the ‘auto-pilot’ of life and to hear your own voice and tell yourself what you need to hear. 

We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now. I feel more confident, happier, and capable of taking on anything that life throws at me. The most rewarding part of it is the way I feel about myself, however, it’s also lovely to see other people such as my husband commenting as well.

Quite simply whilst I thought I was on this journey by myself, Kirsty has been right there with me every step of the way and has made it a happy place to be, no matter how tired or sad you may be feeling before you arrive. I would not be where I am without her and I’m so happy to have found her.


Kirsty Is simply amazing!!! She is so calm, kind, and professional, approachable, a genuine lovely soul.

Both my Son and myself see Kirsty, when we leave, it's like a weight has been lifted.

Thoroughly recommend her 100% !!


I have been seeing Kirsty for a few years now and I have followed her around Norwich. I would not see anyone else. Kirsty helps me in so many ways and continues to help me. I really cannot recommend her services enough. Thank you for being the amazing, wonderful, human being you are.


Kirsty is a very talented supportive professional. Her work is profound and insightful. The results of session with Kirsty are firmly anchored within me and have a powerful effect. Bless you Kirsty.


Kirsty has helped me through some really dark times, she has given me the tools to fight off stress and anxiety and live my life to the full. Everything about the programme was designed to help, the location, the goal setting, meditation, manifestation. All things that contribute to lasting change. Whatever the struggle Kirsty will help you achieve your goals and help you get out of your own way! Can’t thank her enough.

Farm Field


I went to see Kirsty because I had a massive phobia of insects - especially daddy-longlegs. It was so extreme that I had fallen down the stairs and ran out into the road to get away from them. It controlled my life, I did not go out in the summer at all unless it was urgent. I hated living like that. I had to rely on other people to take my child to the park to play because I physically couldn't.

I had just one session with Kirsty and it changed my life, I go out all the time and when I first saw a daddy- longlegs after the session it was so weird as I felt nothing, just calmness and so happy to be out in the sunshine with my little boy.


After suffering a heart attack and cardiac arrest in the December of 2011, I was making excellent physical progress and returned to work almost immediately. However, the mental issues were a completely different matter. I had spent many years believing that I was indestructible and to be rudely and most violently disabused of the notion was a massive shock to my system. All of a sudden, I was suffering from full-blown panic disorder and needed to get a handle on the situation. But how to approach this?

I contacted my old friend and colleague, Kirsty Hurrell, and asked her advice. Kirsty immediately advised me that the panic disorder was accompanied by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and recommended trauma therapy. I had one 90-minute session with her where she 'rewound' my experience over and over again to a point where she had dissociated me from the trauma. This was carried out in a relaxing and quiet environment and the result being that I had found peace. As a result of the treatment, the daily panic and anxiety, the sleepless nights, the floor pacing had all disappeared. I walked out of her treatment room lighter and calmer.

Now, three months after treatment, I have very few episodes and these are minor in themselves. As for the dissociation, I can honestly say that I have trouble remembering my 'event' such is the success of Kirsty's treatment. I would not hesitate to go back and indeed, she would be my first port of call should I ever need to.

Thank you, Kirsty.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Whilst having years of other therapies, all of which helped to a great or lesser degree, I went to Kirsty with no experience of hypnotherapy. A mutual friend recommended her, which was a big incentive. I had experienced a considerable amount of loss over the past two years. My parents had both died, I had lost three wonderful dogs, and on top of this my dear wife had undergone cancer treatment and two bouts of major surgery. I had given up most of my work and interests to care for her, this situation is unlikely to change as she is now dependent on me for most things.

I had tried a very good therapist who had used an eclectic mix of person-centred methods, being formerly involved in the field I "knew the turf", although helpful, it did not seem to take away the anxieties I was experiencing, and a dread of the future. Enter Kirsty, after explaining about revisiting and verbalising older problems during verbal therapy, basically reliving trauma, the theory made complete and utter sense!

I had one introductory and exploratory session, I was made to feel at ease straight away. I decided to have a session to see if the therapy would work for me, with a specific aim of addressing the anxiety of what might happen in the future. Well, in a nutshell, it has had an immediate effect. From leaving the session I have had a new feeling of optimism, the future no longer worries me. Kirsty helped me file away rather than revisit pain and loss. The method was painless and quite illuminating.

A rather long testimonial I know, but one I hope can motivate others to visit a very skilled and caring practitioner. Also, a very effective one who radiates confidence.

Thank you Kirsty for your help.

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