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Overcome Depression

Depression is a negative trance state that can feel so difficult to get out of. It’s like marinating yourself in negative self-loathing thoughts. It can also feel so heavy like wading through treacle. Most people will experience brain fog, a lack of memory and be unable to concentrate. You may also find yourself withdrawing from the things you love.

The lows you might be experiencing may take you to really dark places. You may also have intrusive scary thoughts.

Sometimes it can feel like you are the only person in the world feeling this way. It can feel very lonely, and you may be feeling really lost right now.

Depression can come on at any age and can be caused by many things. Sometimes things happen in our life that are difficult to navigate and get through. Even though that time has passed, our mind keeps us in the energy of sadness or trauma.

The great news is, once you learn how to deal with your past in a safe, calm and therapeutic setting, you can start to feel so much better.

My therapy is like decluttering the mind. Taking away the emotional pain and suffering and clearing space again. Space for happiness. The loop of negative thoughts that play in your mind can be changed into something so much lighter and brighter.

Happiness is an inside job! It comes from the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel.

Once you’ve cleared away the old unwanted ‘stuff’ the mind can start to feel clearer. You will then start to feel hopeful; your confidence will grow, and your mind-set will become much more positive, and you will learn how to be kinder to yourself. Therefore, living a joyous much happier life, with a greater sense of well-being.

You will be able to see things clearly and really feel grateful for the things you have. You will also begin to recognise just how incredible you are.

Rather than self-hatred and self-loathing, you will move into an energy of self-love and acceptance. You will regain your energy and zest for life.

You don’t need to suffer in silence anymore.

Help and support is at hand.

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Wholehearted Happiness could work for you, please...

Success story...

The last few years have not been the easiest. I have found myself becoming a carer for my Dad due to his ill health, but also to Mum who, emotionally and physically, could not cope with looking after Dad. With Dad's health becoming worse and needing him to be hospitalised, I began not to cope at work or at home. Mistakes have been made and, in November 2012, I realised that I was not coping and that the life I was living was not healthy. I needed help to change my life. I am on anti-depressants, but thought that I could do more. Looking through different websites, I came across The Clinic on the Green; saw Kirsty's page and have not looked back since.

After each session, including hypnosis, life became so much clearer and worth living. I could see how distant I had become from friends and family - and even myself. I could see that I had, without getting help, taken on too much and had not been giving myself a break.

I have now, with Kirsty's help, taken back my life, made changes to look after myself and created a pathway to a better future. Kirsty has helped guide me to a better place. With her counselling and hypnosis, I sleep better, am more relaxed and calm, so have more energy to get on and enjoy my life. I at last feel free to be me and the smile is now back in my life. Thank you Kirsty.


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